Modrall Sperling Awards First Annual Max J. Madrid Diversity Scholarship

Modrall Sperling is proud to award the first annual Max Madrid Diversity Scholarship to Shawn David Ren, a second-year law student at the Emory University School of Law. Shawn has helped to develop Emory Law’s Diversity & Inclusion Program and spends time working and volunteering with various indigent and minority groups. He also currently serves as the Executive Articles Editor of the Emory Law Journal and is working for Justice Nels S.D. Peterson on the Georgia Supreme Court. A first generation Chinese American, Shawn has taken many opportunities to show his commitment to diversity and inclusion. He has also shown a strong interest in pursuing a legal career in New Mexico and, earlier this year, accepted Modrall Sperling’s offer to be a 2L Summer Associate in 2021.

According to Shawn, “This scholarship means the world to me. Beyond helping tremendously with my tuition and expenses, the scholarship is a clear affirmation that Modrall Sperling recognizes my diverse story, background, and experiences that make me who I am. This commitment to diversity is just one of the many reasons that I cannot wait for summer to arrive. Everybody I’ve met thus far has been incredible, and I am so excited to work with this group.”

Modrall Sperling President Tim Fields says, “We are excited that our firm’s first Max J. Madrid scholarship is awarded to a person of such outstanding talent and exceptional character as Shawn David Ren. Our award of this scholarship is in keeping with our goal of advancing diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. There is no doubt that Max Madrid would be proud of our selection.”

The Max J. Madrid Law Diversity Scholarship provides tuition assistance toward an awardee’s first or second year of law school in the amount of $10,000. The scholarship’s name honors the firm’s former litigation partner and dear friend who tragically passed away in 2012. Max was a passionate advocate for the goals of diversity and inclusion espoused by Modrall Sperling.

Modrall Sperling is dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces differences, promotes equality, and engenders mutual respect and inclusion where everyone has the opportunity to excel.