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Aviation litigation frequently involves complex issues of jurisdiction and civil procedure, as well as technical familiarity and experience with the situations and products involved in aviation accidents. For several decades, our attorneys have represented a variety of U.S. and non-U.S. aviation industry companies involving litigation in all New Mexico state and federal courts. We are skilled at addressing jurisdictional and service of process issues where non-U.S. companies are involved.

Our lawyers have experience representing aerospace companies that are self-insured, as well as dealing with aviation liability insurance carriers, brokers, and claims adjusting groups. Much of our work has been focused on defense of diverse types of liability claims involving aviation companies, pilots, other employees and executives, as well as aircraft products, including the following:

  • Commercial airline companies
  • Manufacturers of aircraft and/or aircraft parts and equipment
  • Medical air transport companies
  • Fixed base operators
  • Aircraft maintenance companies
  • Aircraft services providers
  • Companies providing storage and/or transportation services
  • Commercial and private pilots
  • Flight attendants
  • Commercial hot air ballooning companies, contractors and pilots

Our experience includes diverse types of aircraft and aircraft products, including:

  • Fixed wing aircraft (including commercial jets, small private jets, and twin or single engine planes)
  • Tilt rotor aircraft
  • Aircraft engines and parts
  • Other aircraft parts/equipment



  • Involved in defending a foreign aircraft manufacturer in an accident claim.
  • Regular representation of major commercial carriers on the defense of various passenger personal injury suits.
  • Recent joint defense of commercial carrier and aircraft service company in a personal injury action involving a passenger.
  • Successfully secured dismissal of a premises personal injury claim against a regional airline.
  • Represented a medical air transport company and pilot in defense and settlement of three separate wrongful death claims arising from a helicopter crash.
  • Provided the defense, through various insurance carriers and adjusters, of wrongful death and personal injury claims arising out of hot air balloon accidents during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, resulting in resolution through settlement within limits.
  • Obtained summary judgment for one carrier against another carrier seeking recovery of settlement payments.