Modrall Sperling Law Firm

Modrall Sperling’s Energy practice covers each of the essential components of developing “all of the above” energy resources. We bring substantial experience and broad depth to negotiating, crafting and implementing agreements regarding oil and gas exploration and production, midstream transportation and processing, and related water acquisition, disposition and access, including right-of-way needs. Beyond oil and gas, our scope spans the energy horizon, from major coal and uranium producers to all renewable energy sources. Over the last decade, we have spearheaded renewable energy development, including wind, solar, geothermal, hydrogen and hydropower generation. We field teams with deep experience in addressing the challenges of energy development on federal public lands, Native American tribal lands, or on State public, and in implementing development in the mixed title, checkerboarded landholdings of the American West.

Our representation of energy clients encompasses addressing the environmental permitting and compliance issues critical to project planning and implementation and addressing the regulatory regimes the nimble navigation of which can make or break energy development. Our energy lawyers wield substantial experience with the alphabet soup of agencies affecting energy development: federally, the BLM, BIA, FERC, EPA, ONRR, and others.

Beyond crafting agreements and structuring development, we bring depth of experience in avoiding energy litigation by mediation, but can field litigation teams for arbitration and litigation at trial and appellate levels. And, we can do so from our New Mexico base in a cost-effective and responsive manner.