Modrall Sperling Law Firm

In order for public issuers of bonds to be able to achieve their financial and other goals, sound legal advice from careful and experienced lawyers is critical. The same is true for others involved with public finance transactions. Modrall Sperling’s group of public finance lawyers has extensive experience in all aspects of public finance, and we built our bond practice on our attention to detail and our sincere appreciation and understanding of each client’s concerns and priorities.

Our lawyers have substantial expertise and well-rounded experience in public finance through our work as bond counsel, counsel to the issuer, underwriter’s counsel, trustee’s counsel, counsel to the purchaser, developer’s counsel, and counsel to the provider of credit enhancement. The financings we have worked on range from fixed term-fixed rate to interest rate swaps, variable-rate and variable-term multi-mode, demand financings, equipment pooled and pooled mortgage financings, and cross-over refundings.

We serve New Mexico firm to New Mexico issuers of bonds, and we work diligently to help public issuers with sound advice and client service. The collective expertise of our lawyers in the areas of public finance and state and federal tax law allows us to provide comprehensive, professional services.

Our lawyers have extensive practical experience with the provisions of the New Mexico Constitution governing the issuance of bonds. We have had multiple cases before the New Mexico Supreme Court on constitutional questions concerning general obligation bond elections and the definition of indebtedness under the New Mexico Constitution.

We also have been involved with much of New Mexico’s legislation relating to public finance matters, including the co-drafting of the State’s Public Securities Short-Term Interest Rate Act (which has saved New Mexico issuers millions of dollars in interest payments over the years) and other bills that have expanded the powers of New Mexico municipalities to issue revenue bonds, enhanced the use of general obligation bonds for counties, established water and sewer districts for counties, and expanded the powers of New Mexico municipalities to issue gross receipts tax revenue bonds.

Most recently, we have provided industrial revenue bond counsel services to wind-powered and solar-powered renewable energy projects in New Mexico.