Modrall Sperling Law Firm

Modrall Sperling’s civil litigation practice is one of the defining foundations of our firm, and constitutes the largest overall segment of our practice. The cases we litigate run the gamut from relatively discrete disputes involving individuals to complex class action lawsuits and bet-the-company litigation. Our deep bench of litigators brings to the table not only top-notch practice skills, but also special insights into specific types of civil litigation and the contexts and industries in which lawsuits arise.

We have a strong commitment to efficient and successful resolution of litigation, and we understand that successful outcomes require preparation from the earliest pleading stages, through discovery and pre-trial motions, to trial and any appellate pleadings that may follow trial. We collaborate very closely with our clients at every stage. We are also committed to advising clients about alternatives to litigation, such as mediations and arbitrations.

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