The occasion of the 75th anniversary of Modrall Sperling's beginnings in 1937 has caused us to reflect upon what has defined us and made us unique. Foremost are our people. Some find it remarkable that a law firm centered in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico has assembled such a diverse team of approximately 80 lawyers with sophisticated practices in an array of specialized areas, including not just general litigation and transactions work, but also well-developed legal niches involving schools, railroads, banks, mining and oil and gas development companies, Indian and public lands, energy and utilities companies, healthcare providers, telecommunications and technology enterprises, among others.

Apart from our well-oiled national recruiting program, to what do we attribute the diversity and sophistication of our lawyers and practice niches? Foremost, we have our clients to thank. Our clients from all corners have entrusted us as their go-to source for multidisciplinary representation across the spectrum of their legal needs. Grounded in the depth of our experience gained through valued relationships with our local, national and multinational clients, we are able to provide service-oriented representation not just on a task-by-task or case-by-case basis, but also on business model conceptualization, strategic planning and risk management that are at the heart of successful enterprises.

The patchwork of federal, state, private, tribal and split-estate lands that are pervasive in New Mexico, as in the West generally, also has contributed mightily by repeatedly testing basic property rights formulations, real estate transactions, and fundamental notions of jurisdiction. Of course, the amazing abundance of energy and mineral resources in the Southwest, including world-class oil and gas, coal, uranium, precious metals, industrial and specialty minerals, wind, solar and geothermal resources, among others, has allowed our lawyers and clients fertile ground for exploration, development and growth. Finally, the vast expanses of our treasured landscapes and relatively scarce water resources have spawned our intensive experience and expertise in such areas as the laws surrounding water resources, environmental protection, renewable energy, ranching and agriculture.

Almost a half-century ago John F. Kennedy wrote: "Not the least of New Mexico's resources is the quiet spectacle of yesterday dwelling in harmony with tomorrow—a spectacle which offers hope for men and women all over the world." D.H. Lawrence, in his New Mexico essay, wrote: "In the magnificent fierce morning of New Mexico one sprang awake, a new part of the soul woke up suddenly, and the old world gave way to the new." It has not escaped the notice of many other authors, such as Frank Waters in Woman at Otowi Crossing, that New Mexico uniquely juxtaposes deeply rooted and historic Native American and Hispanic communities with the most modern of laboratories involved with cutting-edge technologies.  Our lawyers share in the profound sense of place captured by these and many other authors and artists. 

Here is what may be the best part: our unique high-desert setting allows us to keep our rates reasonable, which benefits not only our clients with business throughout New Mexico and the Southwest, but also our clients whom we serve around the nation and world.