Associates Provide for Area Homeless

As part of this year’s St. Martin’s Stock-a-Thon, associates at several Albuquerque law firms spent the fall and winter months collecting much-needed items for the homeless throughout the area. These items, ranging from soap and toothbrushes to socks, caps and shirts, were stuffed into four hundred cheerful stockings.

Tiffany Roach Martin, who became a Modrall Sperling shareholder on January 1 of this year, started the Stock-A-Thon three years ago and has continued to spearhead the drive each year since.

This December, 275 stockings were distributed at St. Martin’s Hospitality Center during their Christmas Party. The remaining stockings were taken to the streets by the outreach team and distributed to the homeless outside the shelter.

Monet Silva-Caldwell, St. Martin’s Development Director, says she cannot express how vital this annual effort is to her clients. “We don’t have the personnel to do this, and our funding would not allow us to fill so many stockings. If for any reason Modrall Sperling couldn’t continue, we would scramble to look for someone to fill that void. Stockings are filled with items most of us take for granted, but that make a huge difference in a homeless person’s day. These are critical, essential items.”

Silva-Caldwell emphasizes that the stockings serve both mind and body: “Holidays are especially tough for the homeless with depression and despair. We provide more therapy sessions and community outreach to help our clients through this season, but nothing helps more than someone expressing care and concern in a tangible manner.”

Law firms joining with Modrall Sperling included: Sutin, Thayer & Browne; Keleher & McLeod; and Rodey Law Firm.