EEOC Recommends Pro-active Training and Well-defined Policies to Help Employers Protect Themselves Against Costly Employment Lawsuits

Modrall Sperling attorneys Megan Muirhead and Jennifer Anderson recently sat down with local EEOC director Derick Newton to discuss best practices for New Mexico businesses. Director Newton’s number one recommendation for New Mexico businesses is to have “ongoing trainings” and “well-defined policies which employers distribute during trainings.” Proof that an employer trains its employees and enforces its policies can go a long way in defending against a claim. Conversely, a lack of training or indiscriminate enforcement of policies can be used by a plaintiff to help establish elements of his claim against an employer.

Typical employment-related training matters that can benefit clients include:

  • How to avoid sexual harassment and retaliation claims
  • Use of Social media in (and out of) the workplace
  • Best practices for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Family Medical Leave Act 101
  • What is – and what is not – a reasonable accommodation

Many New Mexico employers provide initial training for employees but neglect to provide on-going trainings. One of the most valuable things clients can request is training at their places of business and review of their policies and employee handbooks.

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