A Message From The Modrall Sperling Law Firm Regarding Diversity and Inclusion

The ongoing massive protests across this country and throughout the world, triggered by the recent high-profile, violent killings of racial and ethnic minorities at the hands of authorities, have laid bare this nation’s tragic history of systemic racism and injustice. Persistent episodes we have all witnessed of bigotry, brutality and explicit bias are shocking and saddening. But as the multiracial and largely peaceful demonstrators are imploring everyone to understand, the recent horrific events are but symptoms of an infuriating deeper reality that racial and ethnic minorities and the often forgotten communities in which many live have far too long suffered from debilitating effects of racism and social inequalities. The inequalities extend well beyond the criminal justice system to virtually all elements of our society, including health, education and economic opportunity, an undeniable fact further evidenced by the disproportionate impacts we have seen suffered by racial and ethnic minorities (including Blacks, Native Americans and others) from the devastating coronavirus epidemic and the ravaging consequences of unemployment and unrealized economic opportunity.

We are fortunate to live in a state with a rich and diverse history and culture, where many leaders, institutions, businesses, and individuals are committed to promoting and achieving diversity, equity and inclusion. Now as much as ever is the time to promote broad-based racial and social justice across our society. Achieving racial equality and equity is a responsibility that belongs to everyone, and not the least to the professional, business and community leaders who enjoy the good fortunes and opportunities to which our society in its best form aspires, and which should be fully available and accessible to all. Modrall Sperling takes this responsibility seriously and condemns racism in all its forms. As a collection of conscientious individuals, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces differences, promotes equality, and engenders mutual respect, thereby creating a culture of inclusion where everyone has the opportunity to excel. Toward that end, in 2017, we created a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, and have implemented a thorough and detailed Diversity and Inclusion Plan in order to maintain and further enhance diversity in hiring as well as an environment at our firm in which all persons can succeed in their professional endeavors and as individuals.

To further advance the laudable goals of diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, Modrall Sperling announces the establishment of the Max J. Madrid Diversity Scholarship. This scholarship is fittingly named in honor of our former litigation partner, dear friend, and key leader of the firm’s recruiting efforts. Max, who tragically passed away in 2012, was a particularly passionate advocate for the goals of diversity and inclusion that we all espouse.

To address the immediate devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and economic impacts on our community, earlier this year Modrall Sperling initiated an ambitiously conceived fundraising campaign, food drive and volunteerism initiative to assist communities in our state who are most devastated. Our lawyers and staff continue to give generously of their time and money to help those in need, and we know and sincerely appreciate that many other individuals and organizations in our community are selflessly doing so as well. We truly are all in this together.

As a firm, we will continue to assist communities disproportionately affected by racial inequities and the global health and economic crises, and to find opportunities for our lawyers and staff to engage in causes relating to civil rights and social justice. This is the kind of action we are called to take as members of the legal profession, and this action is necessary to uphold the promise of a just society.

Tim L. Fields

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