Modrall Sperling Named New Mexico Firm of the Year by Benchmark Litigation

Modrall Sperling has been named New Mexico Firm of the Year by Benchmark Litigation in its 2014 U.S. Benchmark Annual Awards.  The firm has been honored with the designation of “highly recommended” as a leading law firm in New Mexico for the past six years.  Benchmark Litigation is the only publication on the market to focus exclusively on litigation in the United States.  The results are a culmination of research, including interviews with litigators and their clients.

Twelve Modrall Sperling lawyers were individually recognized as Local Litigation Stars or Future Stars.

  Local Litigation Stars

Martha G. Brown
Timothy L. Fields
Kenneth L. Harrigan
Timothy C. Holm
George R. McFall
Lynn H. Slade

 Future Stars

Samantha M. Adams
Jennifer G. Anderson
Emil J. Kiehne
Megan T. Muirhead
Maria O’Brien
Alex C. Walker

The list of Local Litigation Stars reflects those shareholders who were consistently referenced by peers and clients as reputable and effective litigators.   Future Stars are those who were referenced by clients and peers as individuals who are likely to become “local litigation stars” in the future.  To view the entire list of recommended attorneys and firms, visit

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