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New Amendments to Federal Removal and Venue Statutes Should Reduce Gamesmanship

On December 7, President Obama signed into law amendments to the federal removal and venue statutes. The amendments will go into effect on January 6, 2012. Among other things, the amendments are intended to make it more difficult for plaintiffs to play…


John Cooney Addresses Natural Resources Lawyers on Ethics

John Cooney was part of a panel addressing ethical issues for natural resources practitioners at NM NREEL’s conference at the New Mexico State Bar Center on December 16, 2011. NM NREEL…


High Court to Say Whether Country Rock Forming the Surface of Ranch Lands Is A Mineral Reserved By the State

The New Mexico Supreme Court will hear an appeal by a ranch owner over whether the State, in reserving all minerals when it granted a surface estate to the owner’s predecessor, included within that reservation country rock known to be widespread across…


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