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Overview of the Twelve Objectives in New Mexico’s New Energy Plan

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez unveiled the state’s New Energy Plan (“Plan”) on September 14, 2015.  The Plan, entitled “Seizing our Energy Potential: Creating a More Diverse Economy in New Mexico,” focuses on an “all of the above” approach to promote job…

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Law Firms Care for Homeless During the Holidays

After spending the fall and winter months collecting much-needed items to be distributed to the area’s homeless during the holiday season, lawyers from the firms of Modrall Sperling…


New Mexico Has Some Unique Employment Laws

Minimum wage rates vary in New Mexico depending on where your business is located. Employers must grant leave to victims of domestic violence. Employers must pay all unpaid wages to some discharged workers within FIVE days of discharge. Employers who fail to…

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Can You Challenge the Corps’ Clean Water Act Jurisdictional Determinations Without First Going Through the Permit Process?

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to review an appeal from a decision by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that found that the Corps of Engineers’ Approved Jurisdictional Determinations (“JD”) are final agency actions and are immediately appealable under the…

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EPA Assesses Potential for Hydraulic Fracturing to Impact Drinking Water Sources

The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) recently released a draft assessment analyzing the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on drinking water resources[2. See id. at 3-1 (It should also be noted that for the purpose of this study, “drinking water resources are…

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