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New Mexico’s Domestic Well Statute is Ruled Constitutional

The New Mexico Supreme Court issued its opinion today in Bounds v. State of New Mexico ex rel. State Engineer, Nos. 32,713 & 32,717 (July 25, 2013), holding that the New Mexico Domestic Well Statute does not violate the New Mexico Constitution’s doctrine…


French Court Allows Auction of Sacred Hopi Artifacts to Proceed

A controversial auction of sacred Hopi artifacts went forward on April 12, 2013, after a Paris municipal court judge ruled that a Paris auction house could hold an action of tribal masks considered sacred by the Hopi and other tribes located in…

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IRS Concludes Tribe May Pass on to Lessee Investment Credits Associated with Renewable Energy Asset

The Internal Revenue Service’s (“IRS”) recent non-binding decision that a Tribe could pass on investment credits associated with renewable energy assets to the Tribe’s lessee may encourage future development on tribal lands because the non-tribal developer can benefit from the Tribe’s investment…

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Jennifer Anderson and Samantha Adams Named To Benchmark Litigation’s Top 250 Women in Litigation

For the second consecutive year, Modrall Sperling attorneys Jennifer Anderson and Samantha Adams have been selected by Benchmark Litigation as two of the Top 250 Women in Litigation in the United States….

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