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To Evaluate or Not to Evaluate? A Question for New Mexico Employers

Corporate trendsetters are moving in the direction of eliminating a historical function of human resource departments: the annual performance evaluation. Accenture recently declared its independence from the evaluation process, but it is certainly not alone in its departure from this time honored…

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An Employee’s Bankruptcy Can Assist New Mexico Employers Defend Against The Employee’s Claims

When defending against an employee’s claims, an initial step that every employer should take is to determine if the employee has filed a Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition for bankruptcy in the recent past. If an employee filed for bankruptcy and failed to…

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Don’t Let the Well Run Dry: Management and Use of Groundwater in Times of Scarcity

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Dependent Indian Communities: Existential Determination Impacts State and Federal (and Tribal?) Jurisdiction

On June 15, 2015, the New Mexico Supreme Court issued a decision that clarified the Indian country status of a certain parcel of land in New Mexico that had been the subject of conflicting state and federal court decisions.  In State of New…

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Tomas Garcia Named Young Lawyer of the Year

Tomas J. Garcia, an associate at Modrall Sperling, was named “Young Lawyer of the Year 2015” by the New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association (NMDLA) at their annual meeting…