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ONRR’s Federal Oil & Gas and Federal & Indian Coal Valuation Reform: A Call for Comments, Industry Here’s Your Shot

As noted in a previous update,1 on January 6, 2015 the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Office of Natural Resource Revenue (ONRR) announced a proposed rulemaking amending its regulations governing valuation, for royalty purposes, of oil and gas produced from Federal onshore…

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The BLM’s New Venting and Flaring Rule: Potential Future Developments

As noted in our Spring 2016 issue, the Bureau of Land Management (“BLM”) published a proposed rule concerning Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation in the Federal Register on February 8, 2016, commonly referred to as the BLM’s “Venting…

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EPA’s Final Assessment Regarding the Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources

In December 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) released its final assessment analyzing the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on drinking water resources.[1. See United States Environmental Protection Agency, Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water…

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The ADEA Does Not Abrogate Tribal Sovereign Immunity: Eleventh Circuit Confirms Recent Trend

Introduction: It is well established that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act does not apply to Tribal Nations. The Act specifically states that the term employer does not include “an Indian tribe . . . .”[1. Title VII of the Civil Rights…

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EPA Assesses Potential for Hydraulic Fracturing to Impact Drinking Water Sources

The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) recently released a draft assessment analyzing the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on drinking water resources[2. See id. at 3-1 (It should also be noted that for the purpose of this study, “drinking water resources are…

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