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Jun 09, 2016The U.S. Supreme Court Confirms You Can Challenge the Corps' Clean Water Act Jurisdictional Determination Without First Going Through a Permit or Enforcement Process
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Sep 01, 2014Energy & Resources Notes
Jul 30, 2014BIA Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule Making Major Changes to the Department of the Interior's Regulations Governing Rights-of-Way across Tribal and Individually Owned Indian Lands.
Jul 21, 2014Comments Sought on Proposed Indian Oil Valuation Amendments
Jul 03, 2014Colorado District Court Requires Coal Mine EIS to Estimate the "Social Cost of Carbon"
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May 27, 2014Final Report on Water Planning Town Hall
May 13, 2014EPA's Policy on Environmental Justice for Working with Federally Recognized Tribes and Indigenous Peoples
May 13, 2014Comments Sought on Proposed Rule Changes to the Endangered Species Act Affecting the Regulation of Critical Habitats
Mar 25, 2014Native American Law Watch (Spring 2014)
Jan 17, 2014D. C. Circuit Invalidates Indian Country Air Quality Rule
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Sep 06, 2013BLM Issues Draft EA for Oil & Gas Leasing Near Chaco Canyon
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Jul 25, 2013New Mexico's Domestic Well Statute is Ruled Constitutional
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Mar 20, 2013Sandia Pueblo Regulations First in New Mexico to Be Approved Under HEARTH Act
Feb 25, 2013Native American Law Watch (Spring 2013)
Nov 19, 2012Office of State Engineer Considering Changes to Its Water Hearing Regulations
Nov 15, 2012Native American Law Watch (Fall 2012)
Sep 12, 2012Court Rules Source of Water for the Rio Grande Project is Limited to Surface Waters; State of New Mexico, ex rel. Office of the State Engineer v. Elephant Butte Irrigation District, et al.
Aug 24, 2012Despite Pollution Exclusions, Supreme Court Finds Insurance Coverage Possible for Uranium Mining Company's Legacy Sites
Feb 22, 2012State Prohibitions on Arbitrations Are Preempted By Federal Arbitration Act, U.S. Supreme Court Holds
Jan 26, 2012New Mexico Oil & Gas Commission Adopts New Fracking Disclosure and Horizontal Well Rule, and Considers "Pit Rule" Amendments
Jan 12, 2012New Mexico Mining Commission Extends Sunset Date for Permit Fees
Jan 11, 2012Untruthfulness on Application Required Denial of Water Discharge Permit
Jan 02, 2012Tenth Circuit Upholds Arbitration Clause in Drilling Equipment Dispute
Dec 28, 2011New Amendments to Federal Removal and Venue Statutes Should Reduce Gamesmanship
Dec 01, 2011High Court to Say Whether Country Rock Forming the Surface of Ranch Lands Is A Mineral Reserved By the State
Nov 28, 2011Ruling Jeopardizes Albuquerque's Non-Consumptive Use of Rio Grande Water
Oct 19, 2011New Mexico Mining Commission Hearing on Permit Fees
Oct 03, 2011New Mexico Oil & Gas Association Proposes Fracking Rule, and "Pit Rule" Amendment
Oct 03, 2011Integrated Resource Plans In The Works
Jul 05, 2011RETA Rulemakings on Eminent Domain and Project Participation Criteria